Wedding Planner

Be sure to read #1, which I think is the ultimate, best, without a doubt most ideal place for you to have your wedding.

Top 10

  1. Somewhere your family and friends can easily access to celebrate your date with you. This is the most important thing on your day. This will also make your day 10x easier to organise, having everything close to home, friends and relatives. And I am sure they will all be able and willing to help out on the day.
  2. Somewhere affordable. Before choosing your destination, decide also on approximately how many guests you will have, and what level of entertainment, catering, and other expenses you will commit to at a minimum. Now you can decide on a wedding reception and ceremony location. I do not suggest choosing a location BEFORE mapping out the general plans for your wedding. You will need to have an approximate idea of budget, before choosing the location.

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