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Here Are My Best Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Theme

  • Your theme should be chosen AFTER you have chosen the venue, and the final number of guests. 
    • If you don’t know your wedding venue yet, you will not know how much space needs to be decorated. If you choose a bigger space, a more expensive theme may blow your wedding budget.
    • With some wedding design themes, you may choose to provide hand outs to guests, or decorate the tables and seat settings. If you choose your theme before finalising your guest totals, this again could blow your budget.
      • Decide on your guest numbers first, because then you will now how much it will cost to decorate each table.
  • Consider Your Seasons. 
    • Is your wedding going to be in the cooler months or hot months?
    • Consider matching your wedding theme, to the season.
  • Accessibility to Decorations
    • Before choosing your final theme, narrow it down t your last 2-3 ideas. And then, go and pretend to shop for all the materials. You might find your 2nd idea is too difficult to deliver because the decorations you saw on Instagram or Pinterest – are simply not available in your area.
  • Deliverability
    • I strongly suggest you choose a theme (if any), that is easy to deliver.
    • Your wedding day is going to be a big busy event. The last thing you need to do is over complicate the decorations.
    • Your On The Day wedding organisers and planners, will be better used to make sure your guests have a wonderful evening. And not running around trying to complete your over-designed theme.

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